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Duncan Family Hoop Dancers

 Talon and Sky Duncan, photographed in Phoenix Arizona. Talon and Sky are Apache, Arikara, Mandan and Hidatsa world champion hoop dancers. Check out our recently released Project 562 Road Story featuring Sky and Talon:   I loved having the opportunity to meet the Duncan family. I have so much respect for their  commitment to preserving culture through family dance.

River. House. Arts = Contemporary Indian Art in Ohio

Presented by yours truly:Indian Enough: Expressions of Contemporary Indian Identitynow on display until June 10th at the River House Arts Gallery in Perrysburg, Ohio.‎ 419.874.8900 | 115 W Front Street  | Perrysburg, OH 43551​ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________After my kickstarter was funded, I received a magnitude of calls- but none so enthusiastic as the one I received at 6am from Miss Paula Baldoni. Paula is the co-owner of the River House Arts Gallery in Perrysburg, Ohio. After some discussion, we decided to display pieces from my collections: iHuman, We Are One ...

The Official 562 Driver, Grip and Bestie....

 Everybody needs a Denise.It's true. She's the gal that you've known the longest and the one who knows all of your secrets. She was with you the night of your first kiss- and she was with you when that first kiss guy broke your heart. She was the one that supported you through everything (even when it may have been a bad decision)...And she is the lovely lady who will be joining me on my adventure through Indian Country. Everybody, meet Miss Willup- she's my Rad Swinomish Sidekick for the adventure through Indian Contry. I know you are going to love her...