Beyond Vacationland: the Native American Cape Cod Story
Beyond Vacationland: the Native American Cape Cod Story

Driving just a few hours south and east of Boston, the Project 562 war pony reached the storied shores of Cape Cod, the region of Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard, iconic in the American scene as an immensely beautiful, exclusive oceanic outpost of the rich and powerful. But the Cape, as it is known, is another place entirely when viewed through the lens of the history and reality of Turtle Island (the Native way of referencing North America). This stunning seaside expanse of elegant private estates comprises the ancestral lands of the Wampanoag people and this tribe is considered a “first contact nation” with whites in North America.   Tribal tribal ...

The Big O...
Beyond Vacationland: the Native American Cape Cod Story

Project 562 was featured in Oprah Magazine! We can’t tell you the joy and pride we felt to flip open the August issue of Oprah magazine see these beautiful photos looking back at us—and to think of the thousands and thousands of people that would be able to see our friends Jessica, Juanita, Josh, and more gracing the pages of the magazine gave us chills. We wanted to share with you the article that accompanied the photos, and provide more in-depth stories about each of the participants pictured in the magazine. Here is a photo of the layout in the magazine (the full article with photos can also be viewed online):  The text reads: Google "Asian ...

Project 562's Summer Update: Crisis and Faith in The Shimmering Waters
Beyond Vacationland: the Native American Cape Cod Story

Hello!So much has happened since my last report in January. The Project 562 "war pony" (actually a nimble and parkable Volkswagen Rialta RV: think of it as the ultimate rolling dorm room) has plied the wide lanes and byways of Interstate 10 across the southern U.S., welcomed into remarkable tribal communities such as The Ysleta Del Sur Pueblo in Texas, the Houma in Louisiana, and the Miccosukee and Seminole Tribes of Florida. I've gone on to head up the Atlantic seaboard, with amazing stops with the Choctaw and Eastern Band of Cherokee in North Carolina, and am currently in the Northeast preparing for an extensive trip to Tribal communities throughout New England and Canada. I want to ...

Existence and Resistance: The Trek of the Navajo Walkers Against Fracking
Beyond Vacationland: the Native American Cape Cod Story

On January 16th, way out in a small town in called Cuba, we waited in a McDonalds parking lot for the Navajo Walkers. I’d read a little about the Walkers, but, like most of Project 562, I had no idea what to expect. As we sat idle in the fast food parking lot I was amused by the surprising hustle and bustle of this far out place: french fries and turquoise earrings for sale; ranchers, beggars and big haired Navajo debutants- all crowding in for a Big Mac. I think to myself, “What a conundrum of a place, it’s so sad and greasy in the heart of one of the largest, culture rich reservations in the United States.” Each face that enters is either Navajo (or maybe Pueblo), but the Biligana, or ...

Upcoming Adventures in 2015!
Beyond Vacationland: the Native American Cape Cod Story

Hello Lovely!Project 562 is starting off 2015 with a bang! Currently, Project 562 is visiting Pueblos in New Mexico, and once completed, we will be making our way back towards the East Coast. This is our upcoming project route:The Pueblos that remain to be photographed are Sandia, Zia, San Felipe, San Ildefonso, Santo Domingo, Pojoaque, Nambe, Tesuque and Picuris. If you have any suggestions for us, we welcome your input, please email with details. Make Movies With Us! We are incredibly excited to tell you about our new Project 562 film series and invite you to be apart of it. We are seeking 12 filmmakers to join Matika on ...

Seven Christmas Gifts I Cannot Live Without (Of Course They're Native)
Beyond Vacationland: the Native American Cape Cod Story

 1. B. Yellowtail's Apsaalooke Nights Sequin DressSparkle is essential for every party this holiday season. It goes on sale on December 16th (B.Yellowtail's Birthday); like her facebook page to get a special invite to her release party 2. Anything Beyond BucksckinBeyond Buckskin is my one stop shop for everything fabulous this year. The mission of the Beyond Buckskin Boutique is "to create a substantial movement of Native American representation in the fashion industry and to bring greater recognition to Native-made fashion. We are creating a much-needed platform where emerging and established artists can bring their work ...

5 Positive Representations of Native Americans
Beyond Vacationland: the Native American Cape Cod Story

As promised, I will be posting an image a day (on my facebook page) for Native American Heritage Month, an effort to reshape the way our collective consciousness imagines Native Americans. Here are five positive representations for you to consider...  “I do not drink. I do not do drugs. It’s part of my way of life I guess. My own personal beliefs. I’ve seen the affects of drugs and alcohol on my own reservation. Surrounding me in my community. And I just don’t want to live life like that. I guess I tried it out when I was in high school, but nothing good ever came from that. With the help and guidance of my parents and family, I came to my own realization ...

4 Days of Imagery
Beyond Vacationland: the Native American Cape Cod Story

"The hopes and dreams for my family and other families here is to someday have a community that is following the traditional values of the Grosvantre and Assiniboine nations. Especially our family code that drives on customary traditional values of the tribes so that we can have wellness within our community. If you have a healthy mind, you need to have a healthy physical lifestyle as well."-Tracy “Ching” King, President of Fort Belknap “Every word we speak; every song we sing; the songs which we subject ourselves to, whether in the womb, or as an elder, these songs affect us in very powerful and meaning ways. They can actually help to destroy us or they can help to ...

Celebrate Native American Heritage Month
Beyond Vacationland: the Native American Cape Cod Story

 Dear Project 562 Friends,Today marks the beginning of Native American Heritage Month, as well as the anniversary mark of my third year and over 120,000 on the road.  I am honored to announce that for each day in the month of November, Project 562 will be sharing and celebrating some of the collected portrait narratives from the last two years on the road. This celebration of images and words places native stories in an intentional and positive space - one that affirms and honors our narratives and welcomes a re-visioning of our communities.We would like to invite you to engage with these stories by subscribing to the Project 562 blog, or by following us on facebook ...